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BreezAir Evaporative Cooler

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BreezAir goes beyond cool to deliver the best evaporative cooler on the market today! BreezAir is engineered for long lasting performance and guaranteed to look great for years. From its economical operation to its low maintenance and extensive warranty, BreezAir is designed to outperform all other evaporative coolers. BreezAir is also environmentally friendly using far less electricity than refrigerated cooling. Conventional air conditioners use chemicals such as Freon to artificially cool the air. BreezAir uses no harmful chemicals and costs up to 80% less to operate than refrigerated cooling. And because BreezAir coolers continually bring in air from the outside, rather than recirculating the same stale, dry air over and over again, it’s healthier.

As energy prices climbing upwards and our summers getting hotter, evaporative cooling has a significant and increasing edge on reverse cycle, when it comes to energy efficiency, performance, BreezAir is the world’s first inverter evaporative cooler, providing super savings and superb cooling.

Parts used for BreezAir Evaporative Cooler

BreezAir Evaporative Cooler

 BreezAir Evaporative Cooler Accessory Options

Call us to service you conditioner and be in peace of mind

Common Problems:

  • Electronic failure, we carry the parts to fix on the spot
  • Belts and drive not tracking, always requires check-ups
  • Fan Motor seized up, we can revive the motor at minimum cost

Evaporative Coolers require routine maintenance including springtime start up and, more importantly, wintertime shut down to prevent freezing of the water line. Every BreezAir cooler we install comes with a 1 year service agreement at no additional charge. We will perform a full start-up on the cooler when we install it, then perform the winterization when you schedule it this fall. We will also return next spring to perform another full start-up to prepare for next summer. This won’t cost you anything! After you have had a year to see how wonderful the BreezAir cooler is, as well as how our experienced staff has performed, you will have the option to renew the service agreement again for a reduced cost. Many people take advantage of the start-up and shut down services to learn about taking care of their own coolers. We are happy to show you what to do during our seasonal visits. What it all adds up to is the best cooler with the best service and support for years to come.

Product Update: New Controller for Breezeair units

When operating your BreezAir with the Controller is a breeze. This controller is smart, sophisticated and intuitive, its discreet, modern design will blend seamlessly into the décor of your home. As easy to use as your familiar touch screens, this controller’s intuitive user navigation system makes operating simple.

MagIQtouch Controller is great product.

BreezAir Evaporative Cooler - MagIQtouch

Innovative Breezeair units

BreezAir introduces Supercool range as an exclusive offering the new air conditioner delivers up to an amazing 20 per cent more cooling when compared with the BreezAir Icon range. BreezAir is the only evaporative air conditioner with Inverter technology, providing significant savings on operating costs year on year. The MagIQtouch Controller is standard on all BreezAir Supercool systems with the revolutionary touch screen technology offering simple operation and an aesthetic appearance to perfectly blend with the décor of modern Australian homes.

Servicing Breezeair Units

We service all Evap air conditioning brands and models. Breeezair is our speciality. Evaporative air-conditioning service typically includes cleaning and the water followed by cleaning the filter pads. This helps keep the system clean and free from allergens and potentially dangerous bacteria such as Legionnaire’s Disease. Once the system is cleaned and disinfected, we run a full system test and diagnostic report to make sure everything is running at optimal levels.

  • Chemical clean and disinfect the water sump
  • Add easy dose disinfectant and check the filter pads
  • Check the Motor, belts, other electrical components for electrical integrity, full system test and diagnostic report

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