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Why you should leave Aircon Installation to Breezeair?

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Domestic and industrial air conditioning

Air conditioners have become an integral part of our daily lives. With the hot months of South African summers (mid-October – mid-February), one thing is for sure: – having a properly functioning air conditioning unit is a dire necessity if at all comfort is important to you. But there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to AC installationreplacement, and repair. Whether you live in near the SA coastline or you hail from the deeper interior cities such as Pietersburg .


When it comes to air conditioning installation, size plays a vital role. Sizing involves balancing the air conditioner’s power levels against the conditioning needs of your home. South Africa is generally hot, with some areas being a bit cold. This means that you want an air conditioner that will be able to sustain your cooling needs more than your warming needs all year round. You don’t want too small of a unit or else it will constantly run and increase your utility bills, neither do you want an oversized unit or else it will cause just as much of a problem.

There are different types of ACs – we can help you choose the one that best works for you?

There are different types of air conditioning units and systems in the market that you can choose from depending on your specific cooling needsconvenienceand budget. Below are the most common types.

Split Air Conditioners: These consist of wall-mounted units with outdoor stand-alone compressors that blow in cool air and suck out the hot air. They are generally quiet because the compressors sit outside.

Reverse System Conditioners: For the temperate climatic conditions, these are the ideal conditioners. They can both cool and warm hence the name split.  

Portable Air Conditioners: This is the perfect solution for small room cooling needs. They can be moved with ease and are readily available in different sizes, the caveat being the limited range.

Window/Wall Units: These may be the alternatives to the portable air conditioners. They are installed on the windows to provide cooling for individual rooms.

Ducted Air Conditioners: These are the most expensive to install but they are most efficient in home cooling than the other systems. They are especially ideal for large establishments.


Having figured out the type and size of the air conditioning unit you need, what remains is figuring out where to install the unit. You’ll want to place the unit on a steady, stable location. Secondly, it’s important to install the unit up higher on the wall to ensure efficient air circulation. Thirdly, keep the air conditioner away from anything that would create a lot of dust and away from plugs and sockets as leaks could spell trouble to such.


Invest in an air conditioning system that has been designed using modern technology. Such will come with presence sensors, sleep-modes, adjustable louvres, and dehumidifier modes. These fancy features will help ease the functions of cooling your home.

Leave it to the pros: To ensure a successful air conditioner installation, it is best to work with professional installation experts. As a matter of fact, HVAC equipment installation is not a walk-in-the-park DIY project and anything can go wrong if such attempts are made without professional assistance. You want the installation process to be quick, safe, and with no damage to your home. So, for all your A/C needs, you’ll want to turn to Breezeair Technical Services a company employing heating, cooling & ventilation experts.

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