High cooling capability with minimal energy requirements, the compressors on offer are highly optimized for HRC, HFO & low GWP refrigerators. Products requiring refrigeration will never have to go bad due to refrigeration inadequacy ever again. Call us today with specifications on the fridge unit type that you need assistance with.

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With every major Breezeair spare parts at the storage in Johannesburg and a fleet of service vehicles and service consultants ready to assist with installation, we can offer an extremely fast supply. Technologically sophisticated machines like compressors need perfectly tuned components to guarantee a continuous high performance that is why you can count on our trained staff to make sure that your compressor is installed the right way.

Unsurpassed support

Customer satisfaction and service play a key role at Breezeair. Staffed with expert employees, our team offers maintenance as well as the overhaul and repair of compressors. Minimise downtime and extend service life as we can send specialists to measure all of the relevant operating data of a compressor, generate detailed reports and provide troubleshooting recommendations and advice on choosing the ideal refrigerant.

Best Quality

By choosing a Breezeair compressors, you have decided for best quality and highest performance. To guarantee both, you need a system that runs smoothly and reliably. This quality can never be achieved with low-quality counterfeit products that do not comply with international laws, standards and requirements in product development, this is why you can trust Breezair to offer you original brand new and refurbished Bitzer and Ermeson products.

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